Switzerland protects itself from fraudsters such as Ilya Surkov

By official data, there are approximately thirty thousand people from Russia and CIS countries staying in Switzerland now. Switzerland’s so-called “Russian canton” is located in Geneva, Zurich and a small village called Cologny. According to the Credit Suisse Research Institute, the number of millionaires in the confederation was 725,000 in 2018. Hence every twelfth inhabitant of the country is a millionaire. Switzerland is the fourth place in the world in the number of wealthy people. However, there are also people in Switzerland who prefer keeping in secret where their wealth comes from.

The town of Zollikon, often called the Zurich Gold Coast, is famous for being the most high class and expensive place in Switzerland. Unsurprisingly Lilia Scheffler-Sennova, who has Russian and Swiss citizenship, bought an apartment in Zollikon, though she could choose to live anywhere else in the world to avoid staying in Russia. Because in Russia, her spouse, Ilya Surkov, has committed crimes and was sentenced under art. 159 part 4 of Russian Criminal Codex. He is guilty of theft and fraud. Ilya Surkov stole more than three hundred eighty thousand million rubles. Afterwards, he escaped Russia and his wife, Lilia Scheffler-Sennova, followed him immediately. Ilya Surkov transferred the money stolen by him to the Swiss accounts of the Panamian company Boulder Associated, which belongs to him.

It’s clear from the documents of the investigation that Ilya Surkov transferred large sums from the accounts of his Panamanian company to the accounts of Lilia Scheffler-Sennova in Swiss banks on repeated occasions. In December 2013, after the indictment of Surkov, Lilia Scheffler-Sennova tried to lift the family property from the arrest. She filed a lawsuit in the arbitration court of the division of jointly acquired property just after a fictitious divorce. However, her issue was denied thanks to the decision of the Moscow city court. It obviously was only a plot. It’s proved by the fact that Surkov and Scheffler-Sennova have been communicating all these years tightly, even posting joint photos on the Internet.

The authorities of cantons can now decide the question of staying in the country of an immigrant who stubbornly does not want to integrate himself into local life. Can criminal actions be called integration? We don’t think so. Such actions are incompatible with the civil position of people who appreciate the main values of the constitution of Switzerland.

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