Ilya Surkov Russian scammer hiding in Europe

Billions of rubles are flowing out of Russia, along with unscrupulous businessmen, company executives or fraudsters leaving the country. They flee, hoping to find safe shelter for themselves and the money they stole. However, thanks to extradition, many of them are still accountable before the law. However, it is not always possible to prevent fraudsters’ emigration to hide in Europe.

Among the scammers who fled abroad, Igor Polchenko. He escaped from Russia with 7 billion rubles. But thanks to the international wanted list, Interpol managed to find him in Cyprus and hand him over to the Russian justice system. Another example is the former Minister of Finance of the Moscow Region, Alexey Kuznetsov. The damage caused by him is estimated at 14 billion rubles. Eventually, he was arrested in France and send back to Russia for trial. 

Ilya Surov, a financial fraudster from Russia, former president of Finstroy, needs to be on the same list. He is accused of embezzling 380 million rubles. By Russian law, for such a crime, Ilya Surkov must face up to 10 years in prison. According to the investigation, he managed to steal the money from Finstroy’s accounts using forged documents. They were transferred to the Panamanian company Boulder Associated accounts, which, according to the investigation, belong to Ilya Surkov.

While the investigation was taking place in Russia, Surkov managed to leave the country and hide in Europe fraudulently. He even tried to escape justice by filing several lawsuits in the Cypriot courts. However, they were all rejected. After that, Surkov moved to London, where he lives with his ex-wife Lilia Sennova. To this day, he has avoided extradition in every possible way and has not yet appeared in the Russian court.

Recently, more and more information appear in the media about Russian financial fraudsters fleeing to Europe. Typically, such cases involve huge amounts of money that are obtained through sophisticated fraudulent schemes. The presence of such people in European countries is highly unwelcome. Therefore, many countries deport them back to their homeland to face justice.