Financial crimes of Ilya Surkov

Ilya Surkov is the former president of Finstroy. He is accused of stealing $19 million from the company he worked for. According to the investigation, Surkov transferred more than $10 million to his own bank accounts from the company’s funds. He also managed to appropriate the company’s property, estimated at more than $9 million.

In 2019 Ilya Surkov was sentenced by the Moscow court to five years of imprisonment for financial crimes. A year later, the appeal court increased his punishment to eight years. 

Ilya Surkov was the president of Finstroy from 2008 to 2012. According to many publications in the Russian media, he managed to assign a loan from Boulder Associated to Finstroy for $ 8.5 million, secured by a land plot that occupied 2.93 hectares. This loan was to finance construction works of a shopping centre in Lipetsk. However, after the return of the loan to Boulder Associated, the ownership of this land plot, for some reason, passed to Surkov. Surprisingly the Boulder Associated company, registered in Panama, is controlled by Ilya Surkov himself.

Unexplained money transfers to Boulder Associated accounts were also made during the purchase of the Altufyevo shopping centre. One of Finstroy’s structures paid the consultants $1.8 million for the deal. However, then it also paid Boulder Associated €3.7 million for the same consulting services. 

Another fraudulent deal concerns the construction of a shopping centre in Lytkarino. Ilya Surkov convinced everyone that this project was unprofitable and pushed the decision to sell it to Bantom Company Corp. Later, the investigation showed that this company was associated with Surkov.

When Ilya Surkov’s financial fraud was exposed, he was put under house arrest. To get away from justice, he prepared an escape plan, with the help of forged documents, Surkov obtained a Greek passport and managed to flee from the country. After unsuccessful attempts to justify himself, he settled in London. There he lives with his partner Lilia Sennova. They lead a social life, spend stolen money and do not worry about the past.